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About us
About YSBT

Health Food OEM OEM Taoyuan Factory

YSBT takes the principle of “Quality First, Customer Satisfaction” as its business philosophy to create a professional plant for customer packaging (Northern Health Food OEM) as a research and development, OEM and packaging of health food products. In addition to long-term and stable operation, we have accumulated experience in the development and manufacture of health foods, and have also developed high-quality niche and research manufacturing environments to produce high-quality health care products. In addition, we continue to research and manufacture ultra-high-quality products that are the primary goals of our company's operations.
History of the company

Health Food Foundry

YSBT's Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process (Update Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.) was founded in 1969. In the past forty-five years, with the entrepreneurial spirit of [Respect for integrity, quality and efficiency, solid and practical, benefiting people], with the full support of all employees and customers, the company has invested heavily in actively expanding its business, expanding its factory buildings, and purchasing inspection instruments. With production equipment, cooperate with the government to implement cGMP system and check factories through cGMP. In 2014, Yuesheng Biotechnology inherited the spirit and management system of pharmaceutical cGMP and became a professional foundry of research, development, manufacturing and packaging of health food products.
 Health Food Foundry

Our features Valet packaging

- With cGMP hardware / software / operating system
- Professional OEM
- Quality first
- Customer Satisfaction
- First-rate team
- Sustainable development

Our Target Valet Packaging (Northern Health Food OEM)

Our goal is to provide customers: good products, reasonable prices, and timely delivery. In order to create OEM customers, consumers, and Yue Sheng’s win-win game.